FMBL – What’s your List?

“Don’t beat yourself up…just get back on track.”

These past few weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself. Un motivated and lazy, my body is always exhausted and it seems like the only thing I really want to do is sleep! I started thinking about why I am always tired and why I can’t get myself to be consistent with the blog. I lost my focus, I lost my why. But rather than give up and just throw away any opportunity, I am getting myself refocused and back on track.

As always, if you know me at all the first thing I did was make a list. Why did I start a blog? What made me motivated to do this in the first place? The last list I made was, what does it mean to me to truly live my best life. After all this blog is my experiences and my journey to discovering who I am and why I’m here. Its learning how to live my best life and finding that path to get me there and of course having some fun along the way!

I’m sharing my list with you, but keep in mind that everyone’s list is different. What makes me happy and fulfilled is not going to be the same for anyone else. We may have similarities but we should have differences thats what makes us unique!

In no particular order…

  • Own a rental property – Saratoga/Fire Island
  • Own a home
  • 2-3 Kids
  • Married to my best friend
  • Driving Lexus IS350
  • Consistently “put together” – I know what it means and theres a post coming soon!
  • Annual girls trip with my best friends
  • Author – 2 books (Stay tuned…)
  • Gem Deck (Again stay tuned…)
  • Strong Body & Mind
  • Healthy lifestyle – no eggs, no dairy – clean eating (cheat days OBVIOUSLY)
  • Fluent in Spanish/Sign Language
  • Grateful
  • Maintain relationship with family

I of course will probably add to this list, but that becomes part of the journey part of the fun! Discovering who you are and what you want out of your life should be enjoyable, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you only see the destination as your happy place you aren’t truly living your life. You should focus on gratitude and live in the moment. You can be happy while working towards living your best life. My list is my goal, it does not mean that I am miserable and not enjoying life until I have successful achieved all of these things. I’m living in the moment, truly embracing the journey that gets me there and learning from my mistakes along the way. Everyone will fail at some point in their lives, its inevitable. It is how we respond to failure that makes us who we are. You can accept failure and become defeated or you can continue to focus on your goal and find another way to achieve it.

“Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.”


“I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordon

I expect to fail, I expect to go into funks like these past few weeks but I will never give up on my goals and the life I want. It is not an overnight process, there is no way I can have everything on that list overnight. But I will have everything on that list.

I challenge you all to make your list. What does living your best life look like and how do you plan to get there? Write it down. It may seem silly but be specific. If you don’t write down your goals and read them over and over how do you expect to achieveĀ them?



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