Secrets to keeping it all together.. or at least pretending you do

I am by no means a superficial person, but I do believe if you want to be successful you have to look the part. A few pieces of advice I have been given or discovered through trial/error over the years that have truly stuck with me…

  1. When you don’t know the attire to wear to an event for social/work always dress nicer than you think! It is better to be overdress than underdressed.
  2. Look the part and dress for the position you want. If you want to become a manager or CEO you have to dress like they would dress. People are visual and if they don’t think you “look” the part they can’t picture you in that position.
  3. Always have a go to outfit ready, that way if you’re short on time you don’t have to stress about what to wear. Mine is a pencil black dress and nude heels. Its sophisticated yet simple. I can wear it to a work meeting and then out for date night! I also like to select my outfit the night before that way i’m not rushing in the morning
  4. Pay the extra money for skin care products. You only have one face and if you don’t wear makeup or are running tight on time if you have good skin you don’t have to worry!
  5. Wake up an extra 15 minutes to always have your hair done. If you’re tight on time, throw your hair in a sleek ponytail. it gives the allusion that you spent some time when you really didn’t! If you do have time, spend the time to make your hair look nice. No one wants to work with or date someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed.
  6. Nails – I understand some people don’t like to get their nails done. Some just don’t like nail polish and some just don’t want to spend the money (my mom is one of those people – I don’t think she has ever gotten a mani/pedi) BUT it is important that you keep your nails at least trimmed and clean.
  7. Make a to do list every morning, (or the night before) and complete your to do list everyday!! This is an important one. When you make a to do list you know what to expect out of your day and when you go to bed with a completed to do list… its one of the greatest feelings!!
  8. Sweat everyday! When you are consistent in your workouts you feel better mentally and physically. Even if you only have time for a quick 15 minute workout or a walk around the block. Sweat everyday!
  9. Continue to stimulate your mind.  Read at least a chapter a day or listen to a podcast/ted talk. I have been trying to get myself to watch the news in the morning or at night so I have some clue what’s going on in the world  besides what i see on social!
  10. Smile.  It is your best accessory

These are my tips to keeping it together, there are days I struggle to get out of bed and change out of sweats!! When I follow  these tips/tricks I feel more confident. I’m more productive and am able to portray the image I want the world to see of me.  If you have any tips and tricks to help you keep it together please comment and share!!



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