Where I’ve Been… Life Update!

“The woman you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything.”

These past few weeks I have spent countless hours on site installing and now removing for the NYC Marathon. There have been a few sleepless nights, no gym time, not the best eating habits, plenty of laughs, a lot of hard work by my team and at the end of the day I can honestly say the event was a success. I am exhausted, I feel like I was hit by a mac truck but I would not have traded this experience for the world.

Let me take you back a few weeks and give you the readers digest version of my world! So the past few weeks I compare to my time I spent working in Saratoga and honestly it is very difficult to understand unless you’ve been through it. I am essentially working 24/7 and unless it concerns work I don’t want to talk on phone, check emails or respond to text messages and absolutely FORGET social media. It is hard to explain but when I’m in that mode I have blinders on. Nothing  else matters, and I just focus on work.

It may not be the healthiest option, now looking back I was eating bagels, donuts, and junk food. I wasn’t drinking water, I wasn’t eating anything of substance and I wasn’t going to the gym. – aka I needed a SALAD.

Now that the marathon is over, i thought I would be getting back to my normal routine. I was wrong. Its been a long couple weeks post marathon but now its Thanksgiving and I am reflecting on all the amazing adventures and experiences I’ve had in 2018. I’m feeling grateful and would not have changed anything that happened this year. I am spending the last month and a half of 2018 looking at the past and planning for the future.

2018 was my year to travel and experience new things and now what I crave most is home and routine. I want to settle down and buy a home and just enjoy the little things. I don’t need to see every ounce of the world to say that i’ve lived. I do love traveling and will definitely still plan trips, but what I want most right now is a a regular routine and to be home.

Hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving with their friends and family!



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