2019 Goals

Hello Loves,

The other day I was asked what my 2019 Goals were. Sure I’ve thought about it, but I didn’t have them written down and solidified. That conversation got me thinking so here we go…

Goal #1 – Health. Stick with a 80/20 mentality. No bagels, pack lunches for work and eat out 1-2x per week. I have food intolerances to dairy, eggs, soy and corn so again 80/20 in avoiding those!

Goal #2 – Fitness. Work out 4-5x per week and increase intensity. I tend to plateau and even though I’ll go to the gym I never increase the intensity, so my workouts aren’t as effective. To keep me accountable with this I will be writing down my workouts the week prior so I have them for my workouts.

Goal #3 – Buy a house.

Goal #4 – Work more consistently on the blog. I have a few series I want to introduce, so I am currently planning it all out and can’t wait to share with you all.

Goal #5 – Break a few personal bad habits. 1) Gossip 2) Negative thoughts/overthinking 3) Procrastinating

What are your goals for 2019?? How do you plan on holding yourself accountable?

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