2019…The Beginning

“Megan does great work, but she needs to slow down she tends to rush through her work” – 4th grade art teacher.

NOTHING has changed since 4th grade.. lets be honest I’ve been this way my entire life. I can have NO time restrictions and I am still rushing to get from one point to the next. I am conscious of that but I would NEVER have thought I’d change that pace until… I started having trouble sleeping and then trouble breathing because I was getting chest pains. Still didn’t think much of it, then after a few days of pain my right arm went numb. (Anyone who has any medical knowledge automatically goes to heart attack) I didn’t think I was having a heart attack but with a long history of heart problems in my family I was a little nervous. I went to Urgent Care (Long story short… don’t. Just go to the ER or your regular doctor) Went home with no diagnosis and didn’t sleep. The next day in the middle of a sales meeting I started having sharp pains and trouble breathing – time to go to the ER.

Anyone that knows me, knows I DO NOT DO BLOOD. Any type of hospital setting I’m usually passing out. So this was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. They did a quick EKG… and LEFT the sensors on… I should not have been wearing a white shirt (everyone must have been like WTF) They take me in to take my vitals.. I’m oblivious so I go in no problem. Then they say “Okay time to take some blood..” I nearly passed out there. I told them point blank I am going to pass out. They looked at me like I’m crazy.. I’m sorry who likes BLOOD! NO ONE! So anyway… the head nurse comes over (Brian – Oh love that man) and does a great job barely felt the needle go in. Then they start to take blood. NOPE. I’m out. They had to lay me back, get me an ice pack for my neck and then it all went fuzzy! I laid there for probably 10 minutes until I was able to see straight!

Then a million tests later… aka a chest x ray, more blood being taken and a long couple hours in the hallway waiting they determine I have costochondritis. Basically a virus induced by stress. Essentially I must have had a weakened immune system for some reason and add on all the stress and pressure I was under it really attacked my immune system. The virus gives you similar symptoms to a heart attack. If you want to look up details… I’ll attach a link below!


The doctor told me to take a few days and do NOTHING. Like legit.. nothing. Don’t even look at your phone just lay on the couch and watch movies. So I did. Kind of helped but I was still stressing about life and work and having anxiety. Resting is great but I needed to deal with the real issue head on. So I had to face what was stressing me out and what was causing this problem in the first place! – I called my mom. (Yes I am 28 and still calling my mom you honestly can’t tell me you don’t)

For those that don’t know my mom is a life coach and honestly pretty damn good at what she does! – I am going to be posting some of the tips and tricks and homework she had me too in a later post!

But update about 2 weeks post emergency room visit – I am doing well. I am breathing, I am much more calm and relaxed. I am dealing with life much better that I have been in years!

Thank you for all those that checked in and sent me well wishes!