2019…The Beginning

“Megan does great work, but she needs to slow down she tends to rush through her work” – 4th grade art teacher.

NOTHING has changed since 4th grade.. lets be honest I’ve been this way my entire life. I can have NO time restrictions and I am still rushing to get from one point to the next. I am conscious of that but I would NEVER have thought I’d change that pace until… I started having trouble sleeping and then trouble breathing because I was getting chest pains. Still didn’t think much of it, then after a few days of pain my right arm went numb. (Anyone who has any medical knowledge automatically goes to heart attack) I didn’t think I was having a heart attack but with a long history of heart problems in my family I was a little nervous. I went to Urgent Care (Long story short… don’t. Just go to the ER or your regular doctor) Went home with no diagnosis and didn’t sleep. The next day in the middle of a sales meeting I started having sharp pains and trouble breathing – time to go to the ER.

Anyone that knows me, knows I DO NOT DO BLOOD. Any type of hospital setting I’m usually passing out. So this was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. They did a quick EKG… and LEFT the sensors on… I should not have been wearing a white shirt (everyone must have been like WTF) They take me in to take my vitals.. I’m oblivious so I go in no problem. Then they say “Okay time to take some blood..” I nearly passed out there. I told them point blank I am going to pass out. They looked at me like I’m crazy.. I’m sorry who likes BLOOD! NO ONE! So anyway… the head nurse comes over (Brian – Oh love that man) and does a great job barely felt the needle go in. Then they start to take blood. NOPE. I’m out. They had to lay me back, get me an ice pack for my neck and then it all went fuzzy! I laid there for probably 10 minutes until I was able to see straight!

Then a million tests later… aka a chest x ray, more blood being taken and a long couple hours in the hallway waiting they determine I have costochondritis. Basically a virus induced by stress. Essentially I must have had a weakened immune system for some reason and add on all the stress and pressure I was under it really attacked my immune system. The virus gives you similar symptoms to a heart attack. If you want to look up details… I’ll attach a link below!


The doctor told me to take a few days and do NOTHING. Like legit.. nothing. Don’t even look at your phone just lay on the couch and watch movies. So I did. Kind of helped but I was still stressing about life and work and having anxiety. Resting is great but I needed to deal with the real issue head on. So I had to face what was stressing me out and what was causing this problem in the first place! – I called my mom. (Yes I am 28 and still calling my mom you honestly can’t tell me you don’t)

For those that don’t know my mom is a life coach and honestly pretty damn good at what she does! – I am going to be posting some of the tips and tricks and homework she had me too in a later post!

But update about 2 weeks post emergency room visit – I am doing well. I am breathing, I am much more calm and relaxed. I am dealing with life much better that I have been in years!

Thank you for all those that checked in and sent me well wishes!



2019 Goals

Hello Loves,

The other day I was asked what my 2019 Goals were. Sure I’ve thought about it, but I didn’t have them written down and solidified. That conversation got me thinking so here we go…

Goal #1 – Health. Stick with a 80/20 mentality. No bagels, pack lunches for work and eat out 1-2x per week. I have food intolerances to dairy, eggs, soy and corn so again 80/20 in avoiding those!

Goal #2 – Fitness. Work out 4-5x per week and increase intensity. I tend to plateau and even though I’ll go to the gym I never increase the intensity, so my workouts aren’t as effective. To keep me accountable with this I will be writing down my workouts the week prior so I have them for my workouts.

Goal #3 – Buy a house.

Goal #4 – Work more consistently on the blog. I have a few series I want to introduce, so I am currently planning it all out and can’t wait to share with you all.

Goal #5 – Break a few personal bad habits. 1) Gossip 2) Negative thoughts/overthinking 3) Procrastinating

What are your goals for 2019?? How do you plan on holding yourself accountable?

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xoxo Lets crush 2019 together!



Budget – How To

I have always been very cautious with my money. I only bought what I needed…with the occasional exceptions 😉 I’m only human – sometimes you just need the shoes!! A couple years ago I started creating these budget calendars and it has helped me in so many ways!!

It is super easy and a great way to get an idea of where you could be in a month if you simply stick to your budget! The first step is to create a simple calendar document. I do mine in Publisher, but you can do it on Word, excel or even a basic pen and paper! There really are no excuses!!

First start by inputting your current checking and savings account balances. Then go through the month and start inputting your bills. (Credit cards, student loans, gym membership, mortgage/rent, utilities, etc.) Don’t forget to input gas and groceries. If you want to give yourself some spending money each week add that in as well. I choose not to put in spending money so that I don’t give myself that option. If something comes up I know whether I can afford it or not but I don’t want to give myself an allowance to spend money if I don’t need anything!

Then input your pay day – whether you get paid weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Do not add extra income if it is not consistent. Don’t give yourself false hope. For example I am a Sales Manager and although I do get an annual salary I also get commission. I don’t add that into my budget because it varies based on the month.

I also have it set up in my account to deduct a certain percentage of my paycheck that automatically transfers to my savings account. This takes any “extra” money I have and forces me to save each month. Before I set this up, I wasn’t consistent with saving and even though I had the money each month to save, If it was in my checking account I would spend it. When its in my savings account it might as well be in china and I would have to walk to get it. I never touch my savings!

I have attached a sample budget form below – check it out!! I have also included a sample budget form so you can just fill it in!!

Blank Budget Form

Sample Budget Form

Especially around the holidays it is really important to budget!! If I don’t budget around the holidays I end up spending WAYYYYY too much on presents and extras that i really don’t need. Especially with black friday and other holiday sales! It is really tempting to just buy buy buy!

I have pretty hefty goals in 2019 and in order to reach those goals I can’t be buying extras right now so this savings and budgeting has been a lifesaver!!

Try it out and let me know what you think! Also let me know if you have any savings tips that have worked for you 🙂





My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

“There is always something to be thankful for”

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays mainly because of the food. Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest foodie despite my food allergies! On Thanksgiving I give myself a complete pass and eat WHATEVER I want and as much I want. I read a quote from a trainer that said, “Remember you don’t need to eat everything there will still be food tomorrow.” –  NOPE. That’s not me. Its Thanksgiving, if I want to eat i’m going to eat.

Now granted I usually do a lot of the cooking which means I have to test everything so I end up snacking all day… and then when it comes time for dinner I usually eat a smaller plate. But still Thanksgiving food, there is nothing better.

We have recipes that are just tradition and there is no messing with tradition! Some key staples that are ALWAYS on the menu are…

Stuffing – MUST BE STOVE TOP. All you fancy snobs that make your own… kudos but I like my stove top!

Corn – From the can. Yes Green Giant. Key is to strain the corn and then warm it up with a little butter and salt.

Mashed Potatoes – I usually coat garlic in olive oil and wrap in aluminum foil, and roast. Then add the garlic to the mashed potatoes with some heavy cream and some butter. A little salt, a little pepper YUM!

Sweet Potatoes – Because you definitely need all the potatoes! These I chop and sprinkle with olive oil and cinnamon. I’m not into the crazy sugar and marshmallow although I hear its delicious!

Rolls – Again I don’t care what you say lol Hands down the best rolls are the ones you buy in like 12pk that you just toast. Usually a store brand and probably the worst things for you but they are soooo yummy!

Green Bean Casserole – Im not a major fan… but this is tradition from my Grandmother. You take frozen green beans in a casserole dish, add in (1-2) cups of Campbells Mushroom Soup, about a cup of milk and top with French’s Crispy Onions.

Coconut Cream Pie – This was my Grandfather’s FAVORITE pie. I am not a big pie person, but coconut cream pie.. you can bet I will eat the whole thing!! Having an egg and dairy allergy doesn’t mix well with this pie. So for the sake of my stomach… I will be making a vegan coconut cream pie this year. – I found this recipe online and am going to try it this year!

Coconut Cream Pie with Vegan Coconut Whip

What are your family traditions and family favorites?? Send me your recipes or leave comments on what is your favorite dish! Are you the one cooking or watching football?

Xoxo Meg

Where I’ve Been… Life Update!

“The woman you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything.”

These past few weeks I have spent countless hours on site installing and now removing for the NYC Marathon. There have been a few sleepless nights, no gym time, not the best eating habits, plenty of laughs, a lot of hard work by my team and at the end of the day I can honestly say the event was a success. I am exhausted, I feel like I was hit by a mac truck but I would not have traded this experience for the world.

Let me take you back a few weeks and give you the readers digest version of my world! So the past few weeks I compare to my time I spent working in Saratoga and honestly it is very difficult to understand unless you’ve been through it. I am essentially working 24/7 and unless it concerns work I don’t want to talk on phone, check emails or respond to text messages and absolutely FORGET social media. It is hard to explain but when I’m in that mode I have blinders on. Nothing  else matters, and I just focus on work.

It may not be the healthiest option, now looking back I was eating bagels, donuts, and junk food. I wasn’t drinking water, I wasn’t eating anything of substance and I wasn’t going to the gym. – aka I needed a SALAD.

Now that the marathon is over, i thought I would be getting back to my normal routine. I was wrong. Its been a long couple weeks post marathon but now its Thanksgiving and I am reflecting on all the amazing adventures and experiences I’ve had in 2018. I’m feeling grateful and would not have changed anything that happened this year. I am spending the last month and a half of 2018 looking at the past and planning for the future.

2018 was my year to travel and experience new things and now what I crave most is home and routine. I want to settle down and buy a home and just enjoy the little things. I don’t need to see every ounce of the world to say that i’ve lived. I do love traveling and will definitely still plan trips, but what I want most right now is a a regular routine and to be home.

Hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving with their friends and family!




“London is always a good idea.”

I truly went into London exhausted, and just mentally drained. I left London in one of the best head spaces I’ve been in, in a while. My best friend Lauren told me London would be life changing and it was. All of the architecture and the museums, just the culture amazed me.

We chose to schedule as much as possible within 3 days so that we could go spend a few days with some family friends up in York so our trip was packed!! We still go to see so much but next time I would definitely spread it out a little more. There were certain exhibits or museums I wish I got to explore a little more, but we had a trip of a life time and I wouldn’t have changed how we did it!

It’s not a secret I have been struggling with stress and a little anxiety recently so I was in my own head. I made a deal with myself that I would try really hard to get out of my head on this trip and for the most part it worked… sorry Mom for those few moments of crankiness!

Okay lets get into the trip!!

We had an overnight flight to London out of JFK with a quick layover in Shannon Ireland. The flight to Ireland we got the luck of the irish – the flight was basically empty so we ended up getting a full row to ourselves! We both spread out and got to actually sleep! When we arrived in Ireland (an hour and half early) luckily the restaurants were open so we were able to get breakfast! Our flight from Ireland to London was super quick!

When we arrived in London we took the tube (Subway/underground) to Kings Cross Station. We were slightly early to check in for our air bnb so we grabbed coffee. After hanging out at the coffee shop for a little while we decided to try and find our airbnb. (Tip #1 – bring a map, or look it up ahead of time) we totally went the wrong direction and ended up walking way further than we needed to! Once we arrived at the flat we met the property manager and he showed us around! The flat was very nice. Comfortable and convenient to everything. We settled in and changed before leaving to do the bus tour. (Tip #2 – Take a quick nap if you have an overnight flight) The bus tour was a slight blur since we were so tired! We chose the hop on hop off bus (golden tours) It was great to see some of the sites and familiarize ourselves with the area but the actual tour was recorded so it kept skipping parts. A real tour guide would have been so much better! – If you can find a tour with a real person, do that! We could barely keep our eyes open so we decided to grab a snack, take a nap and then head back out for dinner. Well that didn’t go as planned. We ended up grabbing pizza at a local place (pizza union – so yummy definitely check it out) and headed back to the flat. We ate our food and passed out!! Neither of us set an alarm so 3.5 hours later I woke up. We both weren’t hungry so we just went right to bed.

Day 2

We woke up around 8:30AM, showered and got ready for the day. It was supposed to be the coldest day so we dressed for it and thank god we did! It wasn’t awful during the day but we were out until 9PM and it got chilly!!

We started our day with the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Slightly over rated if you ask me but cool to say we did it. If you are going to do it get there PLENTY early and get a spot near the palace gates. The guards march from the street into the gates of the palace and then there is a ceremony. Definitely not my favorite thing and very hard to see.

We then decided to walk through the park to the main area towards the London Eye. (use it as a reference as you can see if from almost everywhere) We happened to stumble upon the Calvary museum and debated upon going in. SO GLAD WE DID. Not only was it a great museum, you can dress up as the soldiers in the field and the guards at the palace. One of the guides stopped to talk to us and she was phenomenal. Extremely knowledgeable about the area, the museum and provided us with many insider details. She also advised us to go outside to the court area on the hour to watch the changing of the guards. Lastly at 4pm they do a end of shift inspection. Be sure to check both of those out!! They aren’t nearly as crowded and it is interesting to see the process and the tradition. We then walked to grab lunch at a quaint spot nearby.

After lunch mom wanted to go to the Winston Churchill War rooms… I wasn’t so enthused. But the line was so long we decided to come back later. We strolled over to Westminster abbey to find yet another long line!! But this was WORTH the wait! WOW JUST WOW. Be sure to check times before you go, apparently the day we went it was only open from 2-3:30pm. About 30 people behind us they closed the gates so we got lucky! After what seemed like forever we finally got inside. They give you a headset and a Ipad looking device to walk around. There are no photos allowed inside so you truly have to be in the moment. Walking around the abbey and seeing the beauty and the craftsmanship that went into constructing it is truly magnificent. There are plenty of places to stop and say a prayer or just soak it in. My two favorite moments were near the beginning there is a place to light a candle and say a prayer, which I did and it was just a magical moment. The second was one of the officiants got up to unite everyone to say a prayer and it was another moment that you wont’ forget.

After leaving Westminster Abbey we quickly made our way back to the Calvary museum to watch the end of shift inspection!  – This was really interesting! Its truly amazing to see the time they put into looking the part and respecting tradition.

After the inspection we noticed the line for the war rooms was much shorter and decided to go check that out! Let me first say it was fascinating. But it was LONG! Be prepared to be in there for almost two hours. The rooms for the most part have remained untouched since Churchill used them. The rooms are all underground including a museum dedicated to his life story. Actually quite an interesting story. Some of his quotes are my favorites! The man has a way with words I will give him that! I didn’t expect to enjoy the war rooms as much as I did.

Of course once leaving the war rooms we were hungry but decided to go do the London Eye first! Sadly upon arrival we discovered the ticket office was closed. You are able to ride after the office closes if you purchased a double ticket. Meaning you rode during the day or purchased a ticket for a later ride. So we grabbed ice cream and walked along the river! After a little while we wanted to eat dinner.

Little advice…  (Tip #3) look ahead to find restaurants you want to eat at! We walked around for a while before finding something that looked good. We ended up eating at a place called Prezzo. DELICIOUS!!! Wow. I had the mushroom risotto and a side salad. Mom had the goat cheese pea pasta with pomodoro sauce and a side salad. For dessert we both had the vanilla cheesecake with raspberryies and peppermint tea. The whole meal was divine. I would definitely recommend you try it!!

We walked to the tube after dinner and ended up in Picadilly Square – OH WOW!!! I was obsessed and definitely want to go back and explore. Lots of shopping, street performers, theaters, restaurants etc. It was beautiful, clean and just seemed like a great place to explore!

We took the tube back to Kings cross and of course grabbed a few snacks before turning into the flat.

A jammed pack day for sure, but amazing none the less. London is so far one of my favorite cities and its only been 2 days J

Day 3

Woke up a little late, grabbed breakfast at the black sheep coffee shop and headed into London. First stop was city cruises – it was nice. Very crowded but nice way to get down to the tower of London. The best view of the London bridge was on the city cruises boat! Unobstructed and gorgeous! We went in the tower and started the audio tour. – You can easily spend about half a day here so book out some of your day. The tour was extremely interesting especially when you really put yourself in their shoes. The café on site had some really tasty food! I highly recommend the potato and leek soup! Also the chocolate cake was yummy too!

The line for the crown jewels was SO SO LONG. If its long outside, its even longer inside! We did get through about 75% of the tour but just ran out of time. So I would definitely recommend getting there early and spending a solid 4-5 hours there, 6 if you want to do lunch!

We left the tower and proceeded to take the tube over to kengsington gardens. This area of London was far less crowded and the grounds were beautiful. We walked through the gardens to the palace. There is a really nice palace tour featuring Queen Victoria and then a great princess Diana exhibit.

After leaving the palace we went back down town and took a ride on the London eye. If you think about it too much it’s a little scary but its beautiful to see! Originally the London Eye was only going to be open for 5 years, and now it has been extended to 24 years. It was fun, but a little overpriced. It is ne of those things you do once just to say you did it! I would try to catch a ride near sunset because that would be beautiful!!

After our ride we walked through the town and stumbled upon a pub called the silver cross. Love the concept, you seat yourself and order at the bar. They only have a few staff members as they do not need anyone serving or attending to each table. The food was mediocre so not a restaurant you must go to. We then took the tube to oxford circus to get wafflemeister. Love the concept, but the food didn’t live up. Its basic sweet waffles with gelato. – Find a more local dessert spot! We walked back to Picadilly Circus to walk off those waffles and then took the tube back to Kings Cross.

Day 4

Off to York to see our family friends!!

We happened upon a street market near Kings Cross station where local food vendors sold yummy delicious treats! Lots of carbs but its vacation so try a few things! We took the train up to York. The trip was beautiful, I could stare at the landscape for hours. We arrived at our friends house and ate a nibbley lunch! After lunch we had some tea and just caught up. Then we took a walk through town to get the lay of the land. York is so scenic and stunning. The landscapes, the small town, the cute shops, the tiny little restaurants, and trinket shops ahh Im obsessed! We stopped for a pint and then continued home. Had a spot of tea and then made dinner. – YES David’s cooking is life changing! After dinner mom did their Myers Briggs to determine their type. (If you know my mom, you’ve already been assessed!) We had dessert and a lot of laughs which was nice because its been rough for me lately. We spoke a bit about where I’m at and where I’m going and it was nice to get some reassurance that I’m on the right path. David and Anne are truly two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They have such a great outlook on life and truly offer the best advice. (I won’t tell you too much about them but you will find out more about them soon- hint hint)

Day 5

We woke up to a quick breakfast followed by coffee at this quaint little coffee house with Anne. Its hidden within the wall protecting York. It has outdoor seating and the coziest area to drink coffee, relax and chat. After coffee mom and I roamed around York popping in and out of shops. York has some of the cutest little shops you can imagine. In the middle of the day we walked along the wall overlooking the Minster which was neat. You cannot walk all the way around but there are still parts available. We stopped for lunch at a little café and had cheese toasties with chips! After buying a hundred chocolate bars and walking through every charity store we found our way back to David and Annes for afternoon tea. We made reservations for dinner at a small Thai restaurant in town. OH WOW! I am not one to usually like Thai food but this was fabulous! They were very accommodating with food allergies and everyone enjoyed their meals and you cannot beat the company.

Day 6

We woke up a little early and went into town for some coffee and breakfast with Anne. It was scrumpcious. I had banana chocolate chip pancakes with nutella…. I mean come on! You cannot beat that. After breakfast we popped into the charity stores to try one last time to find mom a wool coat – shockingly VERY hard to find. We then went to Lakeland Leather, which is a local leather shop and hit the jackpot! I found a few poncho sweaters, the softest scarf in the world and a leather purse, which is divine!! Even mom and Anne were loving the store! After spending wayyyy too much money we headed back to the flat to catch our taxi to train! After a sad “see ya later” we headed to the train. I really can’t get over the train, it was extremely comfortable and seeing the countryside is just fascinating.

Once we arrived back in Kings cross we grabbed a quick sammie and headed for our hotel. We decided to stay near the airport as our flight was earlier in the morning. – Couple tips and FYI’s – hotels near the airport have SMALL SINGLE BEDS and there is NOTHING close! Well restaurants in the hotel are about your only option. There is a free bus, so we hopped on and found a little restaurant not too far away. Green man is this quaint little authentic pub. The mismatched tables and chairs and the random paint colors. The short height of the ceiling it was just so great. I love the concept of English Pubs, you seat yourself and order from the bar. A waitress/bartender delivers your food and then checks in to make sure all is good as well as clears your table. It’s a neat concept that really would be a niche for the states. – Hmm.. What am I thinking next?

Day 7

We woke up early and hopped the free bus to the airport. Heading home!

Couple things to keep in mind… the airport and security are way different than the states. To get your boarding pass and check your bags you use an automated machine. You put your own luggage tag on, scan the tag and then press the button to move the belt to drop your bag. Once you get to security – you scan your boarding pass and stand to get your photo taken or face scanned. Then you proceed through security – They are strict with electronics and any type of liquids! They do provide small clear bags so be sure all your makeup, small liquids, lotions etc are in the clear bags and remember to take your laptops and ipads out of your bag!

Once through security we went to find our gate, come to find out they do not post the gate location till about 20 minutes before boarding… slightly stressful but luckily we made our flight!

We had a short layover in Shannon Ireland, which was even shorter as we were delayed out of London. When we de boarded the plane in Shannon we had to rush to get to our new gate which was a process. First you have to get off the plane go through customs, rush to security (again) yes you have to take out your electronics, your shoes, sweaters etc. Once through security you have to walk through the gift shop – which is great by the way if you have time really walk through and look at all the goodies. We had a few extra minutes so of course I bought all the chocolate I could! – Almost 50 Euro worth (EEEEKKKK)

Once our gate was posted we headed over which you have to go through customs (AGAIN) and then head to the gate. It was definitely a process. Our flight back to the states was fairly uneventful.

Best Sites to See

Kensington Palace

London Tower

Westminster Abbey

Churchill War Rooms

Calvary Museum

Food Allergies – So as most of you know, I have an allergy/intolerance to eggs/dairy/corn and soy. Overseas they don’t process the food like they do here and they feed their animals differently. Therefore I tested the waters and I was able to eat EVERYTHING!! Well not actual eggs, but everything else and it was the best week! Being able to eat Milk Chocolate, croissants, cheesecake, pasta,, ice cream and CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Oh my god. Take me back now so I can eat everything again!

Overall London was truly the best experience and I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have gotten to go on this trip with my mom! We made lots of new memories and I am so looking forward to returning to visit soon!!



Fall Reading List

The more you read the more things you’ll know. The more things you learn the more places you’ll go. –  Dr Seuss

While I was away in London this past week I spent quite a bit of time in the airport with some time to kill. I usually browse the shops and the Hethrow and Shannon airport have some great book sections!! I bought a few but the ones I didn’t buy I of course took pictures of to buy when I finish those! I currently have like 6 books  on my bookshelf to read but i’m eager to get through them so I can buy more off my list!! – Who am i?? For those that know me well, you know i’ve never been much of a reader. My sister is a librarian and the one you can never find without a book in her hand. I guess we’re more alike than I thought!

Fall Reading List

  1. The Rules of Life Richard Templar
  2. You Do You Sarah Knight
  3. Get Your Sh*t Together Sarah Knight
  4. The Rules to Break Richard Templar
  5. Uncommon Type  Tom Hanks

Here is a link to my full amazon reading list! Check it out and let me know what you’re reading!! I love your suggestions on what to read next and love conversing on the different books so feel free to leave any comments!




Getting Back on Track

We all fall off at some point in our lives but getting back on track is easier than you think! It is all controlling your mind and getting your body to follow suit. Lord knows throughout my journey I have falling off track quite a few times in regards to eating habits or working out but part of the journey is learning to get back on track and learning from your mistakes!!

Here are a couple quick tips to help you get back on track.

  1. Make a list. When you write down your goals it holds you more accountable. If you feel you need it send the list to a friend or family member to really hold you accountable. If you have social media or a blog share with your followers that will REALLY hold you accountable. When the whole world knows your goals, someone is sure to call you out when you don’t follow through!
    1. Make a daily to do list! And check everything off before you go to bed
  2. Drink lots of water. I mean LOTS
  3. Get plenty of sleep, how do you expect to accomplish your goals if you are constantly yawning or thinking about sleep.
  4. Get up early. If working out early doesn’t work for you then get up early and go for a walk, answer emails, read a book, meal prep etc. Whatever is going to help you get more accomplished
  5. Eat breakfast. So many people skip breakfast which makes NO SENSE TO ME. I don’t understand how anyone can skip a meal, I love food too much. You need food to fuel your body and give you energy to crush your goals! So don’t skip meals!
  6. Get moving! Go for a walk or get a solid workout in at the gym or do an at home workout. There is zero excuses now a days not to sweat everyday! There are so many free youtube videos or workouts on Pinterest so if you don’t belong to a gym you can still sweat! Even a walk around the neighborhood or at your local school track will help you!
  7. Prepare the night before. I always set up my coffee maker and get my oatmeal ready the night before, I also get my gym bag ready for the morning and lay out my outfit for work. If I have an event or dinner the next night I will also get that outfit ready.
  8. Make your bed everyday. If you can’t do something as simple as making your bed each day how do you expect to accomplish your bigger goals.
  9. Clean!! When I feel scrambled and overwhelmed I always clean my environment. Usually that is my apartment, office and car! When I am in a clean place and don’t see dishes, or garbage or clothes that need to be put away I am able to focus on what needs to be done.
  10. Spoil yourself! Sometimes when you fall off track you need to remind yourself of your worth. So go shopping and buy the shoes or the purse youve been wanting. Schedule a spa day or have an at home spa day. Take a bath and do a mask! Whatever makes you feel good.
    1. Before bed I always add oils to a diffuser and let it run for about an hour. Settles me in and I always get a good night sleep
    2. Peppermint shower. Turn on the shower and add a couple drops of peppermint oil. – Truly clears your sinuses and is very relaxing
    3. Pacifica Deep Mud Mask and a hot bath with a bath bomb – so relaxing!

Please keep sharing your tips ! I love hearing from you guys and discovering new ways to get back on track. We all fall off once in a while but it is important to remember this is a lifestyle and we are all human. Just make sure you get back on track and keep working towards your goals!!



Secrets to keeping it all together.. or at least pretending you do

I am by no means a superficial person, but I do believe if you want to be successful you have to look the part. A few pieces of advice I have been given or discovered through trial/error over the years that have truly stuck with me…

  1. When you don’t know the attire to wear to an event for social/work always dress nicer than you think! It is better to be overdress than underdressed.
  2. Look the part and dress for the position you want. If you want to become a manager or CEO you have to dress like they would dress. People are visual and if they don’t think you “look” the part they can’t picture you in that position.
  3. Always have a go to outfit ready, that way if you’re short on time you don’t have to stress about what to wear. Mine is a pencil black dress and nude heels. Its sophisticated yet simple. I can wear it to a work meeting and then out for date night! I also like to select my outfit the night before that way i’m not rushing in the morning
  4. Pay the extra money for skin care products. You only have one face and if you don’t wear makeup or are running tight on time if you have good skin you don’t have to worry!
  5. Wake up an extra 15 minutes to always have your hair done. If you’re tight on time, throw your hair in a sleek ponytail. it gives the allusion that you spent some time when you really didn’t! If you do have time, spend the time to make your hair look nice. No one wants to work with or date someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed.
  6. Nails – I understand some people don’t like to get their nails done. Some just don’t like nail polish and some just don’t want to spend the money (my mom is one of those people – I don’t think she has ever gotten a mani/pedi) BUT it is important that you keep your nails at least trimmed and clean.
  7. Make a to do list every morning, (or the night before) and complete your to do list everyday!! This is an important one. When you make a to do list you know what to expect out of your day and when you go to bed with a completed to do list… its one of the greatest feelings!!
  8. Sweat everyday! When you are consistent in your workouts you feel better mentally and physically. Even if you only have time for a quick 15 minute workout or a walk around the block. Sweat everyday!
  9. Continue to stimulate your mind.  Read at least a chapter a day or listen to a podcast/ted talk. I have been trying to get myself to watch the news in the morning or at night so I have some clue what’s going on in the world  besides what i see on social!
  10. Smile.  It is your best accessory

These are my tips to keeping it together, there are days I struggle to get out of bed and change out of sweats!! When I follow  these tips/tricks I feel more confident. I’m more productive and am able to portray the image I want the world to see of me.  If you have any tips and tricks to help you keep it together please comment and share!!



FMBL – What’s your List?

“Don’t beat yourself up…just get back on track.”

These past few weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself. Un motivated and lazy, my body is always exhausted and it seems like the only thing I really want to do is sleep! I started thinking about why I am always tired and why I can’t get myself to be consistent with the blog. I lost my focus, I lost my why. But rather than give up and just throw away any opportunity, I am getting myself refocused and back on track.

As always, if you know me at all the first thing I did was make a list. Why did I start a blog? What made me motivated to do this in the first place? The last list I made was, what does it mean to me to truly live my best life. After all this blog is my experiences and my journey to discovering who I am and why I’m here. Its learning how to live my best life and finding that path to get me there and of course having some fun along the way!

I’m sharing my list with you, but keep in mind that everyone’s list is different. What makes me happy and fulfilled is not going to be the same for anyone else. We may have similarities but we should have differences thats what makes us unique!

In no particular order…

  • Own a rental property – Saratoga/Fire Island
  • Own a home
  • 2-3 Kids
  • Married to my best friend
  • Driving Lexus IS350
  • Consistently “put together” – I know what it means and theres a post coming soon!
  • Annual girls trip with my best friends
  • Author – 2 books (Stay tuned…)
  • Gem Deck (Again stay tuned…)
  • Strong Body & Mind
  • Healthy lifestyle – no eggs, no dairy – clean eating (cheat days OBVIOUSLY)
  • Fluent in Spanish/Sign Language
  • Grateful
  • Maintain relationship with family

I of course will probably add to this list, but that becomes part of the journey part of the fun! Discovering who you are and what you want out of your life should be enjoyable, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you only see the destination as your happy place you aren’t truly living your life. You should focus on gratitude and live in the moment. You can be happy while working towards living your best life. My list is my goal, it does not mean that I am miserable and not enjoying life until I have successful achieved all of these things. I’m living in the moment, truly embracing the journey that gets me there and learning from my mistakes along the way. Everyone will fail at some point in their lives, its inevitable. It is how we respond to failure that makes us who we are. You can accept failure and become defeated or you can continue to focus on your goal and find another way to achieve it.

“Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.”


“I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordon

I expect to fail, I expect to go into funks like these past few weeks but I will never give up on my goals and the life I want. It is not an overnight process, there is no way I can have everything on that list overnight. But I will have everything on that list.

I challenge you all to make your list. What does living your best life look like and how do you plan to get there? Write it down. It may seem silly but be specific. If you don’t write down your goals and read them over and over how do you expect to achieve them?