Getting Back on Track

We all fall off at some point in our lives but getting back on track is easier than you think! It is all controlling your mind and getting your body to follow suit. Lord knows throughout my journey I have falling off track quite a few times in regards to eating habits or working out but part of the journey is learning to get back on track and learning from your mistakes!!

Here are a couple quick tips to help you get back on track.

  1. Make a list. When you write down your goals it holds you more accountable. If you feel you need it send the list to a friend or family member to really hold you accountable. If you have social media or a blog share with your followers that will REALLY hold you accountable. When the whole world knows your goals, someone is sure to call you out when you don’t follow through!
    1. Make a daily to do list! And check everything off before you go to bed
  2. Drink lots of water. I mean LOTS
  3. Get plenty of sleep, how do you expect to accomplish your goals if you are constantly yawning or thinking about sleep.
  4. Get up early. If working out early doesn’t work for you then get up early and go for a walk, answer emails, read a book, meal prep etc. Whatever is going to help you get more accomplished
  5. Eat breakfast. So many people skip breakfast which makes NO SENSE TO ME. I don’t understand how anyone can skip a meal, I love food too much. You need food to fuel your body and give you energy to crush your goals! So don’t skip meals!
  6. Get moving! Go for a walk or get a solid workout in at the gym or do an at home workout. There is zero excuses now a days not to sweat everyday! There are so many free youtube videos or workouts on Pinterest so if you don’t belong to a gym you can still sweat! Even a walk around the neighborhood or at your local school track will help you!
  7. Prepare the night before. I always set up my coffee maker and get my oatmeal ready the night before, I also get my gym bag ready for the morning and lay out my outfit for work. If I have an event or dinner the next night I will also get that outfit ready.
  8. Make your bed everyday. If you can’t do something as simple as making your bed each day how do you expect to accomplish your bigger goals.
  9. Clean!! When I feel scrambled and overwhelmed I always clean my environment. Usually that is my apartment, office and car! When I am in a clean place and don’t see dishes, or garbage or clothes that need to be put away I am able to focus on what needs to be done.
  10. Spoil yourself! Sometimes when you fall off track you need to remind yourself of your worth. So go shopping and buy the shoes or the purse youve been wanting. Schedule a spa day or have an at home spa day. Take a bath and do a mask! Whatever makes you feel good.
    1. Before bed I always add oils to a diffuser and let it run for about an hour. Settles me in and I always get a good night sleep
    2. Peppermint shower. Turn on the shower and add a couple drops of peppermint oil. – Truly clears your sinuses and is very relaxing
    3. Pacifica Deep Mud Mask and a hot bath with a bath bomb – so relaxing!

Please keep sharing your tips ! I love hearing from you guys and discovering new ways to get back on track. We all fall off once in a while but it is important to remember this is a lifestyle and we are all human. Just make sure you get back on track and keep working towards your goals!!



Secrets to keeping it all together.. or at least pretending you do

I am by no means a superficial person, but I do believe if you want to be successful you have to look the part. A few pieces of advice I have been given or discovered through trial/error over the years that have truly stuck with me…

  1. When you don’t know the attire to wear to an event for social/work always dress nicer than you think! It is better to be overdress than underdressed.
  2. Look the part and dress for the position you want. If you want to become a manager or CEO you have to dress like they would dress. People are visual and if they don’t think you “look” the part they can’t picture you in that position.
  3. Always have a go to outfit ready, that way if you’re short on time you don’t have to stress about what to wear. Mine is a pencil black dress and nude heels. Its sophisticated yet simple. I can wear it to a work meeting and then out for date night! I also like to select my outfit the night before that way i’m not rushing in the morning
  4. Pay the extra money for skin care products. You only have one face and if you don’t wear makeup or are running tight on time if you have good skin you don’t have to worry!
  5. Wake up an extra 15 minutes to always have your hair done. If you’re tight on time, throw your hair in a sleek ponytail. it gives the allusion that you spent some time when you really didn’t! If you do have time, spend the time to make your hair look nice. No one wants to work with or date someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed.
  6. Nails – I understand some people don’t like to get their nails done. Some just don’t like nail polish and some just don’t want to spend the money (my mom is one of those people – I don’t think she has ever gotten a mani/pedi) BUT it is important that you keep your nails at least trimmed and clean.
  7. Make a to do list every morning, (or the night before) and complete your to do list everyday!! This is an important one. When you make a to do list you know what to expect out of your day and when you go to bed with a completed to do list… its one of the greatest feelings!!
  8. Sweat everyday! When you are consistent in your workouts you feel better mentally and physically. Even if you only have time for a quick 15 minute workout or a walk around the block. Sweat everyday!
  9. Continue to stimulate your mind.  Read at least a chapter a day or listen to a podcast/ted talk. I have been trying to get myself to watch the news in the morning or at night so I have some clue what’s going on in the world  besides what i see on social!
  10. Smile.  It is your best accessory

These are my tips to keeping it together, there are days I struggle to get out of bed and change out of sweats!! When I follow  these tips/tricks I feel more confident. I’m more productive and am able to portray the image I want the world to see of me.  If you have any tips and tricks to help you keep it together please comment and share!!



FMBL – What’s your List?

“Don’t beat yourself up…just get back on track.”

These past few weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself. Un motivated and lazy, my body is always exhausted and it seems like the only thing I really want to do is sleep! I started thinking about why I am always tired and why I can’t get myself to be consistent with the blog. I lost my focus, I lost my why. But rather than give up and just throw away any opportunity, I am getting myself refocused and back on track.

As always, if you know me at all the first thing I did was make a list. Why did I start a blog? What made me motivated to do this in the first place? The last list I made was, what does it mean to me to truly live my best life. After all this blog is my experiences and my journey to discovering who I am and why I’m here. Its learning how to live my best life and finding that path to get me there and of course having some fun along the way!

I’m sharing my list with you, but keep in mind that everyone’s list is different. What makes me happy and fulfilled is not going to be the same for anyone else. We may have similarities but we should have differences thats what makes us unique!

In no particular order…

  • Own a rental property – Saratoga/Fire Island
  • Own a home
  • 2-3 Kids
  • Married to my best friend
  • Driving Lexus IS350
  • Consistently “put together” – I know what it means and theres a post coming soon!
  • Annual girls trip with my best friends
  • Author – 2 books (Stay tuned…)
  • Gem Deck (Again stay tuned…)
  • Strong Body & Mind
  • Healthy lifestyle – no eggs, no dairy – clean eating (cheat days OBVIOUSLY)
  • Fluent in Spanish/Sign Language
  • Grateful
  • Maintain relationship with family

I of course will probably add to this list, but that becomes part of the journey part of the fun! Discovering who you are and what you want out of your life should be enjoyable, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you only see the destination as your happy place you aren’t truly living your life. You should focus on gratitude and live in the moment. You can be happy while working towards living your best life. My list is my goal, it does not mean that I am miserable and not enjoying life until I have successful achieved all of these things. I’m living in the moment, truly embracing the journey that gets me there and learning from my mistakes along the way. Everyone will fail at some point in their lives, its inevitable. It is how we respond to failure that makes us who we are. You can accept failure and become defeated or you can continue to focus on your goal and find another way to achieve it.

“Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.”


“I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordon

I expect to fail, I expect to go into funks like these past few weeks but I will never give up on my goals and the life I want. It is not an overnight process, there is no way I can have everything on that list overnight. But I will have everything on that list.

I challenge you all to make your list. What does living your best life look like and how do you plan to get there? Write it down. It may seem silly but be specific. If you don’t write down your goals and read them over and over how do you expect to achieve them?



Up on the Roof ♥️

“When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space”

There are very few places or things that can calm my mind. Very few things that allow my mind to settle and allow all the stresses or worries of the world disappear. I am a well known over thinker as well as someone who thinks of every what if. With work I am always “on” and I always am answering questions or solving problems or thinking when It comes to my personal life… I don’t want to think. I don’t want to decide what restaurant to eat at, I don’t want to decide where we’re going on vacation or plan vacation! So after a stressful day or not eh weekends I like to “escape”

My escapes:

  1. Snuggled on the couch watching Reality TV – Yes i’m talking Kardashians!! My step dad used to make fun of me so much, but it gets me out of my own head and focused on other people’s problems. Even if they are losing $50K diamond earrings in the ocean (okay Kim) I can’t watch for hours but its nice to watch an hour before bed to get my mind off the day!
  2. The beach… when I need to escape after a long crazy day walking the beach or watching the waves crash or the sunset just always gets me to relax. It forces my body to relax and my mind to just focus on the present moment.
    1. Fire Island or Cape Cod will have the same effect.
    1. I love a chilly fall almost winter day on the beach. The cool crisp air and the sound of the waves. Its my happy place and where i feel safe.
  3. The gym. The gym keeps me sane. It is my cure all. If i’m cranky, mad, sad just not feeling good I go to the gym. Even if I don’t want to, i’lll force myself to at least go and walk which then usually turns into a full workout haha. But the gym clears my head and allows to me to focus on my body and not my mind. The gym also helps with my anxiety and keeping me level headed.
  4. If it gets really bad… I go to the woods. Driving through the mountains or windy roads with huge trees on either side completely relaxes me. Takes me back to when I was a kid and didn’t have the pressure of the world or any cares in the world. I was just me and whenever I am hiking in the woods or driving upstate NY or VT I instantly go back to that feeling. That is home to me and completely puts everything else on the back burner and I can relax and forget the world

The other day I went for a drive, no destination in mind. But like always I ended up at the beach. I walked for a little while and then sat down in the sand and just stared out at the ocean and watched the waves. I pulled out my phone and opened the notes section and didn’t think, I just wrote down how I was feeling and whatever thoughts came to mind… Here is what came out of it….

As I sit here on the beach the cool breeze touching my face the smell of salt water my toes buried in the sand to find some sense of warmth I think about the future and what it is that I really want out of life. I’ve always talked about starting a blog and never actually take the time to do it. I think the biggest problem is that I get so caught up in my day that when inspiration hits it is quickly taken away by an email or a phone call or a meeting. So I sit here on the beach feeling inspired. My phone is on air plane mode so I can’t be disturbed and I’m writing my first blog entry into what will become my journey. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I am at a fork in the road where I can stay on the same familiar path and continue on with my comfort level or I can take a risk (big risk) and leave everything for a new adventure. It sounds terrifying to someone who plans every second of their day and is constantly trying to analyze every action. But there is no sense is sticking with what is familiar. I know the pain the challenges the stress the anxiety of this path as well as the joys and happiness but there has to be more. Right now I feel as though I am merely existing I’m not living life to the fullest and I feel stuck. I am not growing as an individual because I am not in the environment in which I am supposed to grow. This chapter of my life is ending and it is time to turn the page and see what happens.

I’m choosing to take the road less traveled and explore. I don’t want to look back on life and think wow I wish I had explored opening my own business living in a new unfamiliar place where I know no one and can be whoever I want to be. I have been molded by so many people that have come and gone in my life and not enough by the people that have remained constant in my life. – more on that to come don’t worry. I’m ready to start down the path I’m calling the left path as I’m right handed and that is where my comfort level is. Im taking the left and I’ll see where I end up. It definitely can’t get worse. Life has a funny way of falling into place when you least expect it

It is so rare in this world to find a place where you can sit in silence and genuinely enjoy yourself. I’m reminded of the movie friends w benefits where she is laying on the rooftop in the busy city of New York and there is no cell phone reception and she lays on the roof staring at the stars. The beach is my rooftop. I can sit and listen to the waves crash for hours. Walk the beach on the edge of where the water meets the sand. Watch the seagulls fly overheard and the little birds that I have no idea the name of scurry as the waves come closer.

I love the beach when it seems no one else does.

Don’t get me wrong I love laying on the beach soaking in the sun but when it’s vacant except for the lonely surfer the fisherman and the one man walking his dog… that is when I love the beach. When it’s just the waves crashing against the shore. It’s quiet and I can be alone with my thoughts and my dreams. It’s simple but it’s my happy place and my rooftop. The beach just makes sense. All the stress and worries of the world disappear. I’m calm I’m happy and I could live in those moments forever.

If you have not found your happy place I urge you to explore visit as many places as possible. The place where you fee most comfortable alone. That is one of the greatest feelings in the world. If you’re able go to your rooftop once a day. If that’s not possible go at least 3 times a week. I cannot begin to tell you the impact it will have on your life. Enjoy every moment take it all in observe everything and capture it in your memory forever.

Everything is alright… up on the roof.



Mental Strength and Anxiety

“Rule your mind or it will rule you” 

These past couple months I have had anxiety, something i’ve never really experienced in my life. Sure when life gets stressful there are times i’ve felt anxious but not like this. I would get stressed when i was stuck in traffic and was going to be late somewhere or when I procrastinated and had to rush through. These past couple months normal activities that never stressed me out or gave me any anxiety were now debilitating me to the point where i didn’t want  to leave my house. Most people assumed I was just being a “Grandma” and not wanting to go out, but the reality was I was going through a phase of light depression and dealing with a fair amount of anxiety. I am a grandma, but this was getting out of control, I was sleeping at 6PM and not waking up till 7AM. I wasn’t tired, I just needed to get out of my own head and not face reality.

Those around me know I can be indecisive and especially lately a bit of a flake when it came to plans. I didn’t want to tell people what was really going on, and even writing this now knowing everyone is going to read this is giving me anxiety. I told myself today that I was no longer going to let my mind rule, I control my mind. When my mind tells me not to do something or that i can’t, I’m going to do it and I will accomplish whatever it is my mind says I can’t.  So here i am forcing myself to write this before I go to bed!

I am not one to take medication, I want to solve the problem not mask it. (personal preference) I know I can talk to counselors and friends and have plenty of support around me but I started with pinterest. (We all have our own methods) I always go to quotes or lyrics whenever i can’t decide how i’m feeling. So browsing through pinterest I found this quote…

“Physical strength will get you to the start line, mental strength will get you to the finish line.”

This hit home for me. My entire life I’ve focused on my physical strength and have been exploring who I am currently, but I have not been strengthening my mind. I read occasionally but since college I haven’t been learning like I used to. I want to learn spanish, sign language, I have a huge pile of books I have yet to read and places I want to explore. My mind is begging for knowledge and strength. I then of course typed in mental strength and pages upon pages came up. So of course I became that girl that just keeps browsing until there are no more pins left to read! Through these quotes I have discovered with myself that I lack discipline. Growing up I always had sports or lessons, you had to show up for those or your wasting money and disappointing people. Now, if i skip a workout, or don’t do that lesson in Spanish or never learn sign language i’m only disappointing myself. Somehow I became okay with that. Not improving myself because it was easier and required no effort. (That is not who I am and not who I was raised to be) I also discovered, I overthink simple things because I am so worried about what everyone thinks, I am so worried I am going to make a wrong decision or say the wrong thing. Everything is a big deal and needs to be solved immediately.. well so I’ve always thought.

These past few months, I have been tested more than ever and its shown mainly through my work. I have over reacted to several instances, and over analyzed for HOURS over situations that are completely out of my control and where has it gotten me? – Some relationships have been impacted and will never go back to where they were, i have stressed myself out and caused myself physical pain from the stress. I have stayed up all night losing sleep thinking about all the possibilities that could happen. I have missed important events or dinners because I have been too stressed with work to go out. – I don’t want to harp on the negative I want to focus on the positive. Not where i’ve been but where i’m going.

“Overthinking ruins you, ruins the situation, twists things around. Makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.”

I realize now that along with my physical strength I need to work on my mental strength. I need self discipline, and that is only going to happen if i learn to control my mind. Although mental and physical strength overlap there are other exercises I need to do to focus primarily on my mental strength.

I love this & it explains my brain. I have been called insensitive......

During these past few months I noticed I haven’t been sticking to my diet as much as I should, I’ve been missing workouts, I haven’t been posting consistently to the blog, my energy levels are down, I haven’t touched my rosetta stone or the pile of books I have to read. – It all starts with a list (especially for me) I need to get my feet back underneath me and start fresh.

“When the mind is calm and focused it becomes a magnet”

Goals for September:

  1. Workout 4-5 times per week
  2. Stick to my diet (80%)
  3. Every morning before anything list (3) things i’m grateful for
  4. If i’m feeling anxious I will force myself to get up and out –  not hide at home
  5. If my mind says no, I am going to do it anyway!
  6. If I begin to feel stressed I will take a deep breath before I react

I want to continue to strengthen my mind and grow as part of my journey. I am a work in progress and am continuing to grow. Everyday I discover new things about myself and am still learning to love myself. It is all about finding my best life. This blog is not about living my best life and showcasing all my highlights, I want you guys along with me on this journey and that means sharing the not so attractive moments. I am only human and I am experimenting to find what works best for me. I love sharing this with you and hope that one thing I say will help just one of you.

Stay strong, and live in the moment. Cherish those that support and love you! I am leaving you with one of my new favorite quotes and with a Ted talk that I found while doing research on mental strength.

“You know that little voice in the back of your head telling you to stop? Well you can train that little voice, I taught mine to shut up.”

Amy Morin – The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong.




Turn it off!

“I’m just another Alice who’s trying to find her way out of her head and into a Wonderland.”

I was having this conversation with a co worker today about the difficulty of shutting off work! Especially in our industry it is incredibly hard when we work almost 24/7 365 days a year… when we do get time off all we think about is work or talk about is work because its our live! I have a very hard time turning my brain off at the end of the day or anytime i’m not working. It takes a long time for me to relax and unwind! Over the years I have discovered a few tips and tricks that have really helped!

In no particular order…

  1. Get your booty in the gym and sweat it out – when i’m in the gym my mind goes blank and I lose myself in cardio or weight training. “You never regret a workout”
  2. Go for a long drive and put on a playlist that reflects your mood – check out my spotify for some great playlists! (Findingmybestlife)
  3. Coloring books! – They are not just for kids. I find it so relaxing to not focus on what colors you should you and just use whatever color you pick up (NO RULES)
  4. Take a bubble bath and play some soothing music (think about the music when you get a massage or facial) Add some aromatherapy oils as well!
  5. Bake! I find myself so focused on which ingredient I need next and constant movement in the kitchen that I lose myself and the next thing I know its 2 hours later and I have yummy warm cookies and milk 🙂
  6. Head to the beach. Whether its just walking with my feet in the water or sitting in the sand and watching the sunset. The beach always resets my mood and allows me to think clearly.
  7. Escape! If i’m really desperate and just need to escape life for a while I head to Fire Island or Cape Cod. Both places give me that feeling of freedom. I don’t have responsibilities I don’t have a care in the world and i can just live.
  8. Write it down.. throw it out! I am a big supporter of just writing down how i’m feeling whether that is in my journal or just typing away on my computer. Sometimes i’ll keep what I write, other times I just need to get it off my chest and I never want to see it again! So I click “Delete”
  9. Turn off your phone and stop checking email! You can’t turn it off if you are still getting those notifications. I try really hard when I don’t have an active job to leave my phone OFF!
  10. My secret guilty pleasure that ALWAYS WORKS… reality tv! I love watching any kind of reality tv that focuses on anyone else but me! Not my drama, not my friends, not my family and 100% not my problem. Ends up making me forget about my drama for a while and when I do come back to reality my life never seems so bad 🙂

What are some ways you unwind or relieve stress? How do you “turn it off”?





Almost my entire life I have always put work first. I had a plan for my life, I was going to work hard, I was going to become successful in my career and then settled down and focus on family and kids. That plan sounds great on paper, but what ended up happening is my relationships with friends and family suffered. I missed birthday parties, weddings, dinners and life in general because I never wanted to take a day off. Work was my priority.

I know myself and when I make a decision, my blinders go on and nothing will stop me. This is a fault that I am working on. I get so laser focused on one thing and lose sight of everything else around me. In the past 4-5 years I have changed drastically, not so much physically but emotionally and mentally. Those that knew me before don’t know me now.

“T’m proud of the woman I am today,  because I went through a hell of a time becoming her.”

Now I am in a chapter of my life where I crave balance. I still want to work hard and develop my career but I also want to enjoy my life. I want to travel, I want to get married, I want to have kids and none of that is happening with the way I currently live my life. Most mornings i’m up between 4:30AM/5AM and I don’t get home till 6/7PM sometimes later depending on if I go to the gym. Add in a newborn/dog and husband? Yeah right!

My focus lately has been balance, trying to really work on spending time with family and friends and making them a priority. When I get an invite to a BBQ, birthday party or housewarming party it becomes a priority and I make sure that work is covered. I have been listening to Gary Vee’s podcasts and speeches lately and he is a workaholic.. and that works for him! He had a vision and he did whatever he had to do to make sure that came true. Not having a day off or a vacation in years. If that works for him… GREAT! that model does not work for me. I love my career and I am always the first one to put in the extra hours or go above and beyond to make a client happy, but I am not willing to sacrifice my relationships and my mental health!

“The “No days off” mentality is toxic. Take the days off that you need to be in the best mental shape.”

I am not saying that there aren’t weeks where I go without a day off because that isn’t true. In busy season I can go weeks without taking a day off, so then where is the balance? Even at my busiest I still need to maintain a life and still maintain my health. I do this by going to the spa, or going to the gym or meeting friends for a quick drink even if it means staying up an extra later than I would. Focusing on one thing obsessively is not healthy. You need to be able to release that energy into other things. When I find myself obsessing over work, I’ll go to the gym or i’ll ask a friend to go to dinner and refuse to talk about work! You need a balance in life, it can’t just be about work, or about a relationship there needs to be even amounts or at least even out over time!

Even if you only get a glimpse, or small period of time where you can do something else to create some balance it can drastically help you! There are a couple things I do to “balance my life”

Relationships – My friends all know I am a workaholic, but they also are always there for me and always willing to drop everything to grab a drink or go see a movie! So when work gets to be too much I’ll call one of them to go meet me for a drink or meet me downtown to grab a quick bite! We’ve done paint nites, or sometimes its as simple as bringing over ice cream and hearing the latest boy gossip!

Fitness – The gym is a place where I can go to get away from it all. It is my best stress relief and genuinely makes me happy. I need to make time for it and make it a priority. Doesn’t mean I have to become obsessed and get down on myself if I miss a day. I just need to make the gym a priority and go as often as I feel necessary. The gym is a great BALANCING act for work, because it de stresses me more than anything! When i’m at the gym I might as well be on another planet. I zone out and listen to good music and just sweat! I have never left the gym feeling worse thats for sure!

Travel is a tough one for me, because I love to gain the experience but I am so strict with saving money! Haha. But I am biting the bullet and booking trips! I am going to cape cod to see friends and i love the cape I want to spend more time there! I booked a trip to colorado to see my sister, my mom and I booked a trip to London/Yorkshire Dales. Travel is an escape, and even if its a short trip to Fire Island (only a 45 minute ferry ride away) it still gets me out of “work mode” and helps me to relax and enjoy myself again! When work is really stressful and I just need a break I usually go home to my parents in CT. They always spoil me and it just helps to break the mold! We have movie marathons with obnoxious amounts of junk food, we go shopping I get to do laundry and hit the gym and just not have responsibilities!

Life is too short not to be happy and when you find things that make you happy you have to do more of it. Travel and spending time with friends and family is really important to me. I crave that. I have spent too much time working and not enough time living!

Think about it. How is your life balance? What are you missing? What are you not doing enough of that you need to make yourself happy? Find your balance.

Couple Tips:

  1. Learn to say no
  2. Prepare a schedule
  3. Make a to do list and complete your list each day
  4. If you make plans KEEP them no matter what! (unless an emergency)
  5. Workout in the morning before anyone else wakes up to distract you
  6. Schedule time to do NOTHING and time to have fun
  7. Don’t bring work home and don’t bring your home life to work
  8. Unplug when you can
  9. Wake up earlier
  10. Make family and friends a priority! – Phone calls to check in or even better face to face time

xoxo Meg

Tips for Success

There are infinite tips and tricks to succeeding at work.. these are my favorites that have always worked for me! I have a strong work ethic and one of the main reasons is because I truly care and i’m passionate about what I do. It is not always about the financials, and its not always black and white. A boss should be a leader, in the trenches right along side their employees when needed. I have the upmost respect for the bosses that are still willing to take out the garbage. Being a boss doesn’t mean you’re above everyone else, you have to work even harder. When your employees feel respected and know the you care they will move mountains for you. As a boss if you are willing to jump in when needed and get your hands dirty you’re showing your employees you are all in this together. The minute you start barking orders and then go home for the day… you lost it all.

Following these tips, and not giving up is what has gotten me to where i am in my career. I have put in the late and early hours and pushed myself to limits not many will understand. If you truly want to succeed, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

  • Remember Names – When someone introduces themselves make sure you listen and REMEMBER their names. When you see them at the next event, grocery store show that you were paying attention! (Story Time) I went in for an interview at a prestigious golf course and when I walked in the receptionist said hello introduced herself and asked what I was there for. She asked me to sit while she went to get the GM. When the GM arrived he introduced himself and we went to sit down. The first question he asked me threw me off guard completely. He explained that service was extremely important to me and he said this question will tell me right away if you get it or not. “What was the receptionists name?” – Uhhhhhhhhh. Luckily I had paid attention and rattled it off without skipping a beat!
  • Be available – but take care of yourself. We all need a technology break/time out and we all need to turn our phones off and not work! But at the same time when you are in the hospitality or service industry your clients are going to want to know that you are reachable when they need you. As I’m writing this I had a client call with a 9-1-1! The company that they had hired for turf fell through and they wanted us to install turf! Well I answered my phone and now we are getting crew and product together to install it! That’s a $20K order that if I hadn’t answered my phone we would have missed out of on.
  • Get your hands dirty. Don’t be the girl who worries about breaking a nail 24/7. There is nothing wrong with throwing on the timberlands, putting on some gloves and getting to work! Honestly the men LOVE IT when a women isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty! They will also respect you when you can hold your own.
  • Be willing to “take out the garbage” I use this analogy all the time. I don’t mean literally taking out the garbage although you may need to at some point! I mean do what needs to be done! When I was working for a food and beverage company I was helping one of our sister locations upstate NY and we were hosting a huge dinner banquet for 500. At the end of the night everyone had a long day… we were all exhausted and there was a MOUND of dishes. I could have left.. my duties were done but instead I turned on some music and started up the dish washer! It was all hands on deck. We start as a team and leave as a team! – We ended up having a blast and completely forgot about our 20 hour day haha!
  • Look the part. I know its cliché and it sets women back… its our society get over it! No matter how you feel, get up, dress appropriately, do your hair put on some makeup and sometimes you gotta wear the heels! This also means getting your nails done.. I am not talking about bright orange! Stick to neutrals or just trim those cuticles!
  • On time you’re late 15 minutes early you’re on time! – This goes for meetings, appointments, and the office. This also goes for deadlines, meet them! Don’t procrastinate and wait till the last minute, get your work done before you go for drinks! Lastly don’t flake. If you say you are going to do something DO IT. This can relate to work or personal life.
  • Don’t work all day for someone else and not do some work for you. You can work on yourself or you can work on a personal venture. Write a book, create a company, read, do something!
  • Stay organized. Maintain a schedule in a written planner or in your phone (Bills, appointments, workouts, meetings, vacations etc)
  • Keep a journal. NO this isn’t middle school where the entries are “oh my god he totally looked at me we are getting married. I love him so much.” (just me?) Document the important moments or days in your life. Write down the good and the bad. It helps you remember and its fun to look back and read through your entries.
  • Be positive. Keep your work at work and your personal life at home. Don’t mix the two… it’s too messy. Just trust me on this one.
  • Don’t be the office gossip. If you hear something keep it to yourself there is no reason to go blab to the whole world that Suzy said this and Billy overhead Sally talking to Bobby. No one cares and you don’t want to lose credibility or trust.
  • Be personable and pay attention to the details and genuinely care about people. It goes a long way when you can remember a client or co workers dogs name or their anniversary or ask about their kids. In every aspect of life, it is about the relationships. If you can maintain good relationships you will be successful. People want to do business with people they trust and people they know will do whatever needs to be done to accomplish the job. I have clients and vendors that I know I can call and they will drop what they are doing to help me and visa versa. That is because we have built relationships..
  • Be willing to train others! You can always teach someone and you can always learn from someone. Don’t be stingy with your job responsibilities because you are scared about being replaced. There is enough room for everyone to succeed. So don’t be afraid to empower others and help them get their next promotion. By training them you help them grow in their career and that becomes a reflection of you!
  • Treat the janitor the same way you treat the CEO. You NEVER know who people are or who people know. Everyone deserves respect and you never know who could be your boss someday. I am always impressed by the boss that walks around and knows EVERYONE’s name and calls them by it. I went to Citifield last year and my old boss and mentor was giving me a tour of the facility and in walking around he made it a point to say hi to everyone he saw. He checked in asked them how their day was, if they needed anything, if they were ready to go for game time etc. That impresses me and goes a LONG way with the employee. It shows that each member of his staff is important to him and that he takes the time to genuinely care. His employees would move mountains for him.

Hope these tips help! If you have tips that have helped you please share!!

Love always


Skincare Routine


My Everyday skin care routine

  • Pacifica Face Wash
  • Origins Toner
  • Origins Perfect World Serum
  • Origins Perfect World
  • Origins Night a Mins
  • Alba Pineapple Exfoliator
  • Tea tree or antibiotic ointment – spot treatment

Tips & Tricks for flawless skin

Always wash your face after the gym! – I usually use aveeno facial wipes I keep them in my car for easy access

Monthly facials – These are a must for me. Thank god I have a good friend who is an esthetician! She gives the most amazing relaxing facials and keeps my skin looking clear and glowing!

Microdermabrasion – Go light. If the wand goes too deep it can leave bruising. I have been bruised twice. Both times they have gone away within a week or so but even makeup doesn’t cover it! – Be careful and use a professional.