Up on the Roof ♥️

“When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space”

There are very few places or things that can calm my mind. Very few things that allow my mind to settle and allow all the stresses or worries of the world disappear. I am a well known over thinker as well as someone who thinks of every what if. With work I am always “on” and I always am answering questions or solving problems or thinking when It comes to my personal life… I don’t want to think. I don’t want to decide what restaurant to eat at, I don’t want to decide where we’re going on vacation or plan vacation! So after a stressful day or not eh weekends I like to “escape”

My escapes:

  1. Snuggled on the couch watching Reality TV – Yes i’m talking Kardashians!! My step dad used to make fun of me so much, but it gets me out of my own head and focused on other people’s problems. Even if they are losing $50K diamond earrings in the ocean (okay Kim) I can’t watch for hours but its nice to watch an hour before bed to get my mind off the day!
  2. The beach… when I need to escape after a long crazy day walking the beach or watching the waves crash or the sunset just always gets me to relax. It forces my body to relax and my mind to just focus on the present moment.
    1. Fire Island or Cape Cod will have the same effect.
    1. I love a chilly fall almost winter day on the beach. The cool crisp air and the sound of the waves. Its my happy place and where i feel safe.
  3. The gym. The gym keeps me sane. It is my cure all. If i’m cranky, mad, sad just not feeling good I go to the gym. Even if I don’t want to, i’lll force myself to at least go and walk which then usually turns into a full workout haha. But the gym clears my head and allows to me to focus on my body and not my mind. The gym also helps with my anxiety and keeping me level headed.
  4. If it gets really bad… I go to the woods. Driving through the mountains or windy roads with huge trees on either side completely relaxes me. Takes me back to when I was a kid and didn’t have the pressure of the world or any cares in the world. I was just me and whenever I am hiking in the woods or driving upstate NY or VT I instantly go back to that feeling. That is home to me and completely puts everything else on the back burner and I can relax and forget the world

The other day I went for a drive, no destination in mind. But like always I ended up at the beach. I walked for a little while and then sat down in the sand and just stared out at the ocean and watched the waves. I pulled out my phone and opened the notes section and didn’t think, I just wrote down how I was feeling and whatever thoughts came to mind… Here is what came out of it….

As I sit here on the beach the cool breeze touching my face the smell of salt water my toes buried in the sand to find some sense of warmth I think about the future and what it is that I really want out of life. I’ve always talked about starting a blog and never actually take the time to do it. I think the biggest problem is that I get so caught up in my day that when inspiration hits it is quickly taken away by an email or a phone call or a meeting. So I sit here on the beach feeling inspired. My phone is on air plane mode so I can’t be disturbed and I’m writing my first blog entry into what will become my journey. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I am at a fork in the road where I can stay on the same familiar path and continue on with my comfort level or I can take a risk (big risk) and leave everything for a new adventure. It sounds terrifying to someone who plans every second of their day and is constantly trying to analyze every action. But there is no sense is sticking with what is familiar. I know the pain the challenges the stress the anxiety of this path as well as the joys and happiness but there has to be more. Right now I feel as though I am merely existing I’m not living life to the fullest and I feel stuck. I am not growing as an individual because I am not in the environment in which I am supposed to grow. This chapter of my life is ending and it is time to turn the page and see what happens.

I’m choosing to take the road less traveled and explore. I don’t want to look back on life and think wow I wish I had explored opening my own business living in a new unfamiliar place where I know no one and can be whoever I want to be. I have been molded by so many people that have come and gone in my life and not enough by the people that have remained constant in my life. – more on that to come don’t worry. I’m ready to start down the path I’m calling the left path as I’m right handed and that is where my comfort level is. Im taking the left and I’ll see where I end up. It definitely can’t get worse. Life has a funny way of falling into place when you least expect it

It is so rare in this world to find a place where you can sit in silence and genuinely enjoy yourself. I’m reminded of the movie friends w benefits where she is laying on the rooftop in the busy city of New York and there is no cell phone reception and she lays on the roof staring at the stars. The beach is my rooftop. I can sit and listen to the waves crash for hours. Walk the beach on the edge of where the water meets the sand. Watch the seagulls fly overheard and the little birds that I have no idea the name of scurry as the waves come closer.

I love the beach when it seems no one else does.

Don’t get me wrong I love laying on the beach soaking in the sun but when it’s vacant except for the lonely surfer the fisherman and the one man walking his dog… that is when I love the beach. When it’s just the waves crashing against the shore. It’s quiet and I can be alone with my thoughts and my dreams. It’s simple but it’s my happy place and my rooftop. The beach just makes sense. All the stress and worries of the world disappear. I’m calm I’m happy and I could live in those moments forever.

If you have not found your happy place I urge you to explore visit as many places as possible. The place where you fee most comfortable alone. That is one of the greatest feelings in the world. If you’re able go to your rooftop once a day. If that’s not possible go at least 3 times a week. I cannot begin to tell you the impact it will have on your life. Enjoy every moment take it all in observe everything and capture it in your memory forever.

Everything is alright… up on the roof.



Life Update

“As selfish as it sounded, she had to focus on herself. She kept trying to find happiness in other people. But realized it had to come from within her. Everyone wasn’t meant to understand her solitude and some felt slighted by her focus. Then again misery loved company and she learned to love being alone.”

After my last post I wanted to write a super motivating positive post but I’m just not there. I had an amazing weekend that grounded me and got me out of my head in regards to anxiety and stress but i’m still working through some stuff! I am happy, I am doing well I just need more time to process and deal with some things going on in my life. But I wanted to get on here and update you guys with what I can and being able to share what i’m going through with you all is important!!

The first update that of course effects my stress level is work! I recently made a change from operations to sales. The transition has been great and it has been a fairly smooth transition. My schedule is better! I am able to set my own appointments and I’m not awake at 4AM everyday or on site for 14 hours a day! That also allows me to have more work life balance which we all know i desperately needed!! Sales has allowed me to do what I do best which is connecting and networking with people. I love meeting new people and getting paid to go to events and meet people? YES PLEASE! So although it will be more pressure to sell, at least I am able to set my work schedule and have more control regarding that!

In regards to FMBL I am working on a few different projects that I cannot wait to share with you all!! One will be this year! The other may be a little further down the road but lots of exciting things to come!! – Stay tuned 🙂

My mom is moving to Colorado.. which I think is amazing and could not be better timing. But with her moving comes cleaning and packing her entire house! She isn’t taking her furniture and since I want to buy a house soon I have to get all her furniture into storage! I’m helping my dad with projects around his house so my step mom doesn’t kill him (LOL)

Now that i have furniture its time to really get serious about a house! I am meeting with a mortgage broker and real estate agent this week to get that ball rolling !

I also leave for a girls trip next week, I then come back for a few days have an install then get directly on another plane and off to London for the week with my mama! Then I am back for a month long install/removal! – Life is crazy right now to say the least!

I mean… can we add one more thing??

“They say if you want something done, ask someone who’s busy.”


I have definitely been distant from friends and family but right now I just need to focus on myself and my goals! I have a very ambitious year ahead of me and I just need to be selfish right now. There are a few more things going on that I am not willing to share publicly but I am dealing with that and working towards being the best version of myself!

Right now I am in a good place mentally and emotionally I just need to keep myself busy and focused on my goals. I have very ambitious goals and I am working incredibly hard and staying focused.

To my friends and family I love you! I am still here at any hour any day if you need me. Just please give me the space to work on me right now! I will still be posting content it just may be a little more time between the posts 🙂 Thank you for your love and understanding as I am under construction!

“Sometimes you just need to be selfish and take care of you. If they love you, they’ll understand.”

Mental Strength and Anxiety

“Rule your mind or it will rule you” 

These past couple months I have had anxiety, something i’ve never really experienced in my life. Sure when life gets stressful there are times i’ve felt anxious but not like this. I would get stressed when i was stuck in traffic and was going to be late somewhere or when I procrastinated and had to rush through. These past couple months normal activities that never stressed me out or gave me any anxiety were now debilitating me to the point where i didn’t want  to leave my house. Most people assumed I was just being a “Grandma” and not wanting to go out, but the reality was I was going through a phase of light depression and dealing with a fair amount of anxiety. I am a grandma, but this was getting out of control, I was sleeping at 6PM and not waking up till 7AM. I wasn’t tired, I just needed to get out of my own head and not face reality.

Those around me know I can be indecisive and especially lately a bit of a flake when it came to plans. I didn’t want to tell people what was really going on, and even writing this now knowing everyone is going to read this is giving me anxiety. I told myself today that I was no longer going to let my mind rule, I control my mind. When my mind tells me not to do something or that i can’t, I’m going to do it and I will accomplish whatever it is my mind says I can’t.  So here i am forcing myself to write this before I go to bed!

I am not one to take medication, I want to solve the problem not mask it. (personal preference) I know I can talk to counselors and friends and have plenty of support around me but I started with pinterest. (We all have our own methods) I always go to quotes or lyrics whenever i can’t decide how i’m feeling. So browsing through pinterest I found this quote…

“Physical strength will get you to the start line, mental strength will get you to the finish line.”

This hit home for me. My entire life I’ve focused on my physical strength and have been exploring who I am currently, but I have not been strengthening my mind. I read occasionally but since college I haven’t been learning like I used to. I want to learn spanish, sign language, I have a huge pile of books I have yet to read and places I want to explore. My mind is begging for knowledge and strength. I then of course typed in mental strength and pages upon pages came up. So of course I became that girl that just keeps browsing until there are no more pins left to read! Through these quotes I have discovered with myself that I lack discipline. Growing up I always had sports or lessons, you had to show up for those or your wasting money and disappointing people. Now, if i skip a workout, or don’t do that lesson in Spanish or never learn sign language i’m only disappointing myself. Somehow I became okay with that. Not improving myself because it was easier and required no effort. (That is not who I am and not who I was raised to be) I also discovered, I overthink simple things because I am so worried about what everyone thinks, I am so worried I am going to make a wrong decision or say the wrong thing. Everything is a big deal and needs to be solved immediately.. well so I’ve always thought.

These past few months, I have been tested more than ever and its shown mainly through my work. I have over reacted to several instances, and over analyzed for HOURS over situations that are completely out of my control and where has it gotten me? – Some relationships have been impacted and will never go back to where they were, i have stressed myself out and caused myself physical pain from the stress. I have stayed up all night losing sleep thinking about all the possibilities that could happen. I have missed important events or dinners because I have been too stressed with work to go out. – I don’t want to harp on the negative I want to focus on the positive. Not where i’ve been but where i’m going.

“Overthinking ruins you, ruins the situation, twists things around. Makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.”

I realize now that along with my physical strength I need to work on my mental strength. I need self discipline, and that is only going to happen if i learn to control my mind. Although mental and physical strength overlap there are other exercises I need to do to focus primarily on my mental strength.

I love this & it explains my brain. I have been called insensitive......

During these past few months I noticed I haven’t been sticking to my diet as much as I should, I’ve been missing workouts, I haven’t been posting consistently to the blog, my energy levels are down, I haven’t touched my rosetta stone or the pile of books I have to read. – It all starts with a list (especially for me) I need to get my feet back underneath me and start fresh.

“When the mind is calm and focused it becomes a magnet”

Goals for September:

  1. Workout 4-5 times per week
  2. Stick to my diet (80%)
  3. Every morning before anything list (3) things i’m grateful for
  4. If i’m feeling anxious I will force myself to get up and out –  not hide at home
  5. If my mind says no, I am going to do it anyway!
  6. If I begin to feel stressed I will take a deep breath before I react

I want to continue to strengthen my mind and grow as part of my journey. I am a work in progress and am continuing to grow. Everyday I discover new things about myself and am still learning to love myself. It is all about finding my best life. This blog is not about living my best life and showcasing all my highlights, I want you guys along with me on this journey and that means sharing the not so attractive moments. I am only human and I am experimenting to find what works best for me. I love sharing this with you and hope that one thing I say will help just one of you.

Stay strong, and live in the moment. Cherish those that support and love you! I am leaving you with one of my new favorite quotes and with a Ted talk that I found while doing research on mental strength.

“You know that little voice in the back of your head telling you to stop? Well you can train that little voice, I taught mine to shut up.”

Amy Morin – The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong.





AM Routine

“Everyday is a new beginning, Take a deep breath smile and start again.”

You always read that successful people start their days before the sun rises. I agree with this whole heartedly. However most of those people are starting their days with a workout… I LOVE the idea of that, it just doesn’t work with my schedule right now. I was struggling to get everything accomplished when I was starting my day at 7am. I had it in my head that if I was waking up early it was too workout, I didn’t think about other things that I could cross off my to do list before 7am! I knew I had to come up with a plan to fit more into my days!

I came up with this routine and it has been working so well for me! I am able to manage my time better throughout the day and cross off everything on my to do list. Before I was trying to cram too much in a small amount of time because I couldn’t get past the idea that the only thing I can do before 7AM is workout… haha.

My Everyday Morning Routine

First thing I do when I wake up is wash my face. I am such a stickler when it comes to my skin care routine! I use Pacifica Kale Face wash and absolutely love it!

Turn on the coffee maker and start boiling water for my oatmeal. I pour myself a glass of water sometimes I’ll squeeze lemon but I always have a full glass of water before I drink or eat anything!

(Steel Cut Oatmeal)

  • Blueberries
  • Banana
  • Cinnamon

Once my coffee is ready I’ll sit on the couch and pull (3) affirmation cards. – 1 from each deck! Link to the decks I use below!


I like to write down in a journal my 3 affirmations and my initial thoughts to each. I will also just write down any thoughts that come to mind,, usually no more than a page!

Now its time to connect with the real world. I scroll through my work emails and try to get them down to 0! Not always easy, but I answer what I can before I get to the office, so I can start my day with a clean slate! As I’m answering emails, I make my to do list for the day!  I will also fill in any errands or anything else I need to get done!

Oatmeal is ready! With my oatmeal I have a glass of orange juice! I drink the trop50 as it has way less sugar!!

While I eat breakfast I either work on blog posts or I’ll do a chapter of Rosetta Stone (Spanish). By then,, its close to 7 AM and I need to get my butt moving!

I then start my hair and makeup, Some days are super simple and I don’t even wear makeup, other days I do a full face it all depends on what I have going on, Most days I keep it pretty simple, I am a girly girl but I also have zero patience when it comes to getting ready especially if I’m in the field or sitting in my office! (Weekends or nights out are a different story)

Before I get dressed I head to the kitchen and prep my food for the day! – thats a whole post in itself!

I always lay out my clothes the night before so getting dressed in the morning is easy! I used to stress so much over what to wear in the morning and then it would end up with my entire closet all over my room because I had to try every outfit on!

Then its off to work!!

This is my perfect world! Some days this routine works other days I have to modify it. There are some days I have to get out the door at 5AM to get to a job site and none of this gets accomplished, there are other days I have to run an errand and it cuts my routine short. Its a balance and its a lifestyle. So I don’t freak out if I have to alter my routine, I go with the flow! Its important not to punish yourself if you don’t always stick to a routine, life happens and will continue to throw you curveballs you just need to keep riding the wave!

You also have to experiment and find what works for you! For some people they may love working out in the morning and that fits their schedule – thats amazing! That doesn’t work for everyone (clearly) Some people are able to work out during their lunch break.. I give you guys a lot of credit! You have to come up with a routine that works for you!

Leave me comments about what your routines are or if you have any tips or tricks to getting up in the morning (I still struggle haha)

Stay tuned… my PM routine is next 🙂



Quotes & Lyrics

“I can’t explain…but I’ll find a song that can”

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I am totally that person that if you’re in my car listening to my playlist hang on tight you never know what is going to come on next! One song can be maroon 5, the next hannah montana and then onto Johnny Gallagher Jr. (You just never know) I do have a large range of taste in music and I definitely attribute that to my upbringing. I was surrounding by a variety of music, my mom listened to John Denver (yes I can recite almost EVERY WORD OF EVERY SONG) my step dad was into… EVERYTHING and my dad listened to Jethro Tull. So where country comes in… I couldn’t really tell you but I love it all.

I love live music and going to concerts or musicals. The atmosphere makes you feel alive and its a place to get lost in the lyrics. Growing up my mom used to take us to the Flynn theater and we would see shows such as Bye Bye Birdie and Fiddler on the roof and although I’m not theatrical I can appreciate theater. My stepdad used to take me to Broadway shows and I just loved it! Favorites were…. American Idiot, First Date.

When it comes to concerts.. thats a tough one for me to decide my favorites. I obviously LOVED seeing my step dad perform and would give anything to see him perform again. But let me think… As far as hidden gems…I recently saw Jeff Daniels live and OH MY GOD was he fantastic! He did an amazing job of combining humor with real experiences and then tugging at your heart strings all in 2 hours! It was a fantastic show and I Would highly recommend it! Anytime Johnny Gallagher Jr is in town I have to go he is phenomenal as well.

Country…I am obsessed with Luke Bryan (Duh who isn’t) Rascal Flatts… wow! They were so funny and real! Keith Urban puts on a great show as well! I bought tickets to a show at Mohegan Sun back in high school.. he was so good I bought tickets and saw him AGAIN the next night! haha

I love local artists and seeing street performers as well. Those are the ones that are truly passionate about their craft. When you are willing to perform for free it really is a passion and not a job.

Music has been there for me when no one else has. There have been some really rough times in my life where I’ve been alone and music was there. Whether that was taking a drive and just letting my playlist play or flipping through youtube listening to every song title that interests me. When I don’t know how I feel or what i want to say, I always can find a song that seems like it was written about me and it allows me to process my thoughts completely. I can spend hours on youtube finding new songs or just cleaning my place and having dance parties to 90’s throwbacks.

Music is definitely a huge therapy and release for me. It has really gotten me through some tough times. Quotes have a special place in my heart as well. I can spend HOURS AND HOURS on pinterest just reading quotes. Its such an amazing tool that allows you to search keywords and it populates all these quotes related. Many times I will search quotes about strength, happiness, law of attraction, life advice etc. and just read the quotes for hours and pin them so that when I need those words of encouragement or reminders I have them.

Any situation where I feel awkward or can’t find the answer I have a quote a lyric or a song I can turn to! Even when I need encouragement or I just to laugh I have songs or quotes for those too! Check out my spotify for my playlists and pinterest for quotes for almost EVERY situation! I am still sorting and cleaning up my pinterest but bare with me!!

Spotify – findingmybestlife

Pinterest – megcoan

Let me know your favorite songs or quotes I am always searching for my next favorite!!

Xoxo Meg


“The key to a women’s heart is hidden in her playlist.”

“Somedays I need the music, sometimes I need the lyrics.”


Grocery Haul

“You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, easy, quick or cheap!”

My dad calls Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) & yes I agree.. but it is so worth it!! I went the other day for a few things and still spent $100 but I rather spend money on food that is good for my body and going to make me feel good. I have a lot of food restrictions as I have said in previous posts so I do have to go to a few different grocery stores and I do spend more money! But I also don’t go out to eat very often and I’m healthy! So any amount of money is worth feeling good and being healthy.

This grocery haul wasn’t very big but there were some new items I tried that I want to share!! I will do a post about my full grocery haul and what I get on a regular basis, this is more of a bonus.

The county I live in, in New York instituted a new law that stores must charge 5 cents per plastic bag! Which is great for the environment and I am all about it, however it is SO COMICAL how many people are carrying every item out of the store. They either forget their reusable bags or they aren’t willing to pay the 5 cents for a bag. I have to say I am guilty of this as well. I was just at the store this morning and was only going in for one thing  (eye roll) so I didn’t bring bags, so I carried all my items out because I can’t pay 5 cents for a bag! You crazy? haha

This is my full haul!!

One of the meals I wanted to make this week was pizza!! So I have made pizza dough in the past, but its just easier to buy in store! I’m not picky about sauce (Clearly not Italian) I usually go for Newmans own but they don’t sell that at Whole Foods so I just bought the store brand! Daiya makes some really yummy vegan cheese products! This shredded mozzarella is super yummy and perfect for pizza!

I love adding pineapple to all my smoothies! It cuts the taste of spinach and makes them super yummy!

This quinoa blend was a good find! I was just browsing and found this! I am since obsessed, It is perfect for just warming up and tossing in a bowl with some chicken for lunch at work or a quick dinner!

Chicken chicken chicken… anyone that is changing their diet knows. Chicken chicken chicken. I get really bored with just chicken so I love to buy different dressings/sauces or spices to add some flavors! My favorites are, Italian dressing, garlic powder, pesto, sweet chili sauce, and bbq.

I always have to have bananas! I love them in oatmeal, smoothies and of course covered in Dk chocolate! I buy the big bin of spinach each week because I eat spinach with everything- smoothies, sandwiches, salads, stir fries anything I can add it to I do just to get my greens up!

Lemons are always on my grocery list because I add it to my water to help with digestion!

This was one of my all time favorite finds! Growing up I was obsessed with Annie’s Mac and cheese. My sister also makes this delicious homemade Mac and cheese baked with apples and 2 different cheeses with crispy onions and bread crumbs – HEAVEN. Anyway since I can’t have those with my dietary restrictions, I found this Gem and it cures all my cravings!

I always keeps nuts around so I have a good healthy snack that helps with my salty cravings! I usually divide these bags into containers and keep them in my purse at work, at home so its quick and easy!

These two… Oh man. Let me tell you! These cure all my sweet tooth cravings! I have always loved cheesecake so when I found this.. yes yes please! Its so delicious!! These mango bars, yes. Just so yummy!


Give all these a try and let me know your favorites! I am always looking for new things to try which is not always easy with my restrictions. If you have any recommendations please let me know and I will try them out!!




Easy Chicken Meal

I made this delicious meal  last night and got so any requests for the recipe so here ya go!!


  • Chicken
  • Squash/Zucchini
  • Brown Rice Pasta
  • Butter (Kerry Gold)



Preheat oven to 350 Degrees

Put chicken tenderloins in a pan with a little bit of olive oil garlic, pepper and Italian seasoning (To taste)

Slice zucchini and squash. Place in sauté pan with a little bit of water. I cover so the water steams the veggies.

Boil water. Add the brown rice pasta.

Once the chicken is close to done, I take it out shred the chicken and put back in for a few minutes.

Take cover off veggies to finish. Add salt and pepper to taste

Finally strain pasta and add a small amount of butter to taste.

I mix it all together and eat it!! SO YUMMY. Quick and easy to make the whole meal took less than 30 minutes!



xoxo Meg

College Years

“Let them sleep while you grind.

Let them party while you work.

The difference will show.”

My college experience was anything but normal… but looking back. I would not change a single aspect. Rewind to my senior year of high school, I had every intention of going to Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. I had gone to orientation I had made new friends. I had done all my shopping for my new dorm room. I was excited!! Less than a month before I was to move in and start my college career.. I got a call that paperwork had not been filed correctly and I was not enrolled. Not my fault it was an admissions mistake but none the less there was nothing I could do. They told me to re apply for the spring,.. I was lost. That was my plan I didn’t have a back up! (Lesson learned) So I acted quickly… I had two options.

  1. Take a semester or year off
  2. Go to community college

I weighed my pros and cons. Taking a year off sounded exciting but I worried about taking time off and if I would want to go back after my year off. (Part of me wishes I had taking the year off and traveled abroad but oh well) Option #2 I hated the idea of community college. I felt as though community college was for slackers or those that had no direction and it has a stigma too it and I wanted nothing to do with it.

In the end I chose to go to community college, although I really didn’t tell many people that was my plan. After about a month of living at home, working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens and going to school full time, I was in my glory and I was shocked. I had some amazing professors at my community college and met some really amazing people. I was taking cooking classes and enjoying it – this coming from the girl that literally couldn’t boil water! I learned a lot from Chef Lemaire and I definitely owe most of my cooking skills from him and I will forever remember… “ONE GALLON WATER TO ONE POUND PASTA” – hahaha.

I truly enjoyed my classes and after two years was sad to leave. But I wanted a bachelors degree and unfortunately that was not happening at community college. After two years, I had saved a tremendous amount of money. Community college is a LOT cheaper than university… in case you didn’t guess that! My first two years were paid off and my friends were all at least $50K in debt. I also saved money by living at home, I had a super flexible job so I was saving $$ and I got to spend quality time with friends who stayed close to home and my family.

My overall review of community college is phenomenal. It isn’t for everyone but for those who are nervous about moving away and being on your own it is an easier transition. It gives you a sense of responsibility and opportunity to be on your own but still living at home with the support of family. You save a whole lotta money which you will really appreciate after you graduate and start in the real world! It also gives you the opportunity to get your general credits out of the way and have time to figure out what you want to major in/what career to pursue!

Once I finished at community college I transferred to Johnson & Wales University. JWU was unforgettable to say the least. I truly found a school that felt like home and to this day still does. Every time I return to campus its like a never left. The professors and faculty are like family and I made some amazing friends that will last a lifetime. I found a school that focused on the work rather than the books. It was all about working events and learning hands on which fit me like a glove. Classes were taught by professors who had worked in the hospitality field and truly understood what it took. The long hours, the hard work, and the rewarding aspect of service. Our professors gave us hands on experience so we knew what we were getting into. We were connecting with people in our field, we were told to go work events and learn what they did right and how to make it better. It gave us the understanding of what we would be doing for the rest of our lives before our lives officially started.

I recently attended our alumni event and it brought back so many memories. They have made so many improvements and it is great to see the expansion and positive things happening for the students. The JWU network is so supportive and always willing to help another alumni.  One thing you can always count on at any JWU event is there will be amazing food. It was truly. magical to taste the local vendors and JWU grads food. I ate a few too many of those appetizers! There was a inspiring panel with alumni chefs who had been on tv shows. Hearing there stories was interesting and definitely relatable. I also attending a few speeches one in particular about marketing. I was blown away! I always am by JWU.

My experience in college was unforgettable. It was not what I had plan but it was exactly what I needed. If you are in high school and thinking about colleges, consider community college. Granted I am so thankful for my experience at JWU I wouldn’t have been as successful had I not spent those couple years at community college. After graduating my student loans were minimal and my experience was everything.




Travel Bucket List

“I haven’t been everywhere… but its on my list.”

This past year I have really gotteParisn the travel bug! I made a promise to myself last year that I would explore the world and any opportunity that I got I would just go! I am a money saver so it is sometimes difficult for me to get plane tickets, rental cars and hotels but when the right opportunity presents itself that won’t break the bank.. I have to jump on it! Just this past year I have been to..

  1. San Diego
  2. Hawaii
  3. New Orleans
  4. Cape Cod
  5. Denver, Colorado

I have also booked Charleston South Carolina in September for my best friends birthday and London with my mom in October! I have been to San Diego and to Cape Cod but all the others are new experiences for me! When I travel I like to fully immerse myself in the culture and become a local. I am not crazy about the touristy stuff but I am always down to climb a mountain or go explore to find a view that blows me away!

Some places that are still on my bucket list are…

  1. Arizona
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Four corners
  4. Paris
  5. Italy
  6. Aruba
  7. San Francisco, CA
  8. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  9. Vancouver
  10. South Africa – Safari? YESS PLEASE

Those are my top 10. Where else should I go? What has been the best trip you ever took?? Leave me comments I can’t wait to hear all about your trips!!

I will be doing individual posts about my favorite places in Cape Cod, Denver and Hawaii! Which one do you want to see first?!?


Xoxo  Meg

My Favorite Burger

“Eat clean, stay fit and have a burger to stay sane.”

– Gigi Hadid

I am a foodie at heart, so I am never afraid to dive in and be the first one to grab a plate!  One of my favorite meals has to be a burger! There is a place in New Haven Connecticut called Prime 16 that has hands down the best burgers I’ve ever had!! I get the Maui burger and it is seriously to die for! – I just went to look for the exact ingredients and it is no longer on the menu ;(  But here goes a test of my memory

Pretzel Bun, Burger, pepperjack cheese, Lettuce, tomato, grilled pineapple, chipotle mayo and grilled onions (optional I don’t usually add them)

When I started having issues with dairy, and egg I had to make some sacrifices and find alternatives to my burger addiction! Thank god I can still have red meat! I now make my burgers at home so I can control what goes in them!


  • Sandwich thins
  • Burger – usually grass fed
  • Vegan Cheese – Pepperjack (Brand is follow your heart – whole foods)
  • Lettuce (romaine shredded sometimes I use spinach)
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Cherry tomatoes – sliced
  • Chipotle Mayo (Brand – just mayo)
  • Guacamole or avocado

When the burger is cooking I usually assemble on the ingredients on the sandwich thin which is always toasted!

This burger tastes just as good and I can have it without feeling sick/bloated 🙂 I usually pair the burger with homemade sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli. – Recipes below!

Sweet Potato Fries

I keep these super simple! I just cut the sweet potato into fry like slivers (Smaller you cut them the quicker they cook and crisp up) I toss in olive oil and cinnamon and then bake in a pan at 350 degrees (F) for about 30 minutes.


I use frozen broccoli, toss in olive oil with garlic powder and pepper. – Be generous! I cook in a pan in the oven. I usually put it in about 15 minutes into the sweet potatoes to time it accurately!

Try out this delicious recipe and let me know what you think!!


Xoxo Meg